Leaving your paper for the last night is not a wise decision by any means. But yet most of us have found ourselves in such a situation where either excessive procrastination or uncontrollable circumstances have gotten the better of us. So come this panicky situation, what can we possibly do?

Well, actually the first thing to do is not panic. Instead, get your mind focused on the term paper and start thinking with a clear mind. The first thing to think about is the thesis statement. Make sure the thesis statement is such that you have decent knowledge about it so that you can write more and think less. Remember that there isn’t much time for thinking. Follow it up with an introduction that gives you the ideal momentum going into the next paragraphs.

Make sure that you have made a list of the key arguments before you go on to write beyond the introduction. It would be ideal if you have listed them in the order you want to write them in the paper. This way you can just keep looking, elaborating and then moving on to the next one.

Since the time is limited, it is unlikely that you’ll be having a lot of ideas to work with. Filling your paper with quotes and citations can be a clever move. By adding quotes and citations and then justifying why you used them, you will get closer to your word limit.

It is important to think simple and not big. When you have written something avoid thinking over it again and instead of trying to make it look better with big words, focus on how you are going to fill your next sentence or paragraph. Taking care of margins and format is also important. In the haste of all this, it is likely you might miss out on some of the technicalities of writing and get penalized needlessly. Proofreading is a must. Having put in all that effort, penalties on spelling mistakes can hurt. One move that can prove to be a master stroke is to get some sleep before your final proof reading. Some rest can help you think differently and catch mistakes more efficiently.


Make sure that you remain hydrated throughout the night or else your mind will get drained quickly. Also make sure your Facebook isn’t on to distract you from writing.