There are a number of problems that an individual faces in the education and professional life as well. Among the most common problems in academic and professional life is handwriting. Handwriting holds a position in the top ten problems of academic life. Because every individual has a different way of writing which can be an identity of someone’s work.

According to a survey, it was indicated that most students lose unnecessary marks just because of their handwriting. In paper writing, everything mentioned must be as clear as a crystal. Otherwise, the idea that someone has in the mind cannot be depicted perfectly on a piece of paper, if words are not written in a proper way. If someone thinks that handwriting can only be corrected at the elementary level, then such a thought is stopping you to overcome this problem. As it is said that learning is a never ending process. Whenever an individual starts learning, improvements will become inevitable. But, a question occurs that, what are the ways to get a good handwriting and transform the old writing format into a new one? The answer is very simple and easy. Grab a pen or a pencil and a book nearby and write the shortest paragraph from the book. Once you are done, take another attempt at writing the same paragraph on the same page, but with some creativity and modification of words. Afterwards, compare both the paragraphs. The second one must be looking better than the first one, because you were creative while writing the same paragraph containing exactly the same words as that of the first one.

Moreover, if the procedure is practiced and followed on a daily basis, it will result in the development of a new and an improved handwriting. But, if some students stick to the old and untidy handwriting, it will be an embarrassment in the academic and also in professional life. How would you feel if someone asks, what have you written here? And at that moment of time, you, yourself cannot figure out what you wrote just a couple of moments ago. Such situations lead into a lack of confidence, the fear of embarrassment stops the level of progress and finally an idea that you have, cannot be shared, because you are too scared to put it down into words. Even if you do so, no one will understand.

If someone still thinks that it is too late to change the format, style and design of their handwriting, then it is a wrong thought. If not on a daily basis, a person can practice writing a paragraph in alternate days. This change will be slow, but some progress can be noticed. The point is that handwriting is not a problem; the main problem is the attitude about this problem. A good handwriting attracts the reader, specifically teachers in the academic life. As Bill Gates said, “If you cannot make it good, at least make it look good.” So, if the papers you are about to write are not on a very interesting topic, you have an ability to make it interesting with the swing of a pen by adding some glamour of a neat and nice handwriting.