There may be many reasons for college transfer, e.g. family shifts to another city, student not being happy with the current college`s environment, present college lacks in quality education, and other issues. Whatever the reason is, students need to be cautious while writing application in this regard. They have to gather all the relevant information.


You can start your application essayby stating that although you like the college environment and people around here, but after spending first quarter of a degree, you have started to realize that the discipline you wanted to join is being taught at some other college. Don`t speak negatively of your current institution, as it would cast a negative impression on the minds of college management.

 Have a clear career plan and objective. Brief them about your desire and passion to excel in the discipline being offered at another college. Give examples of how that new discipline would benefit you in the future, like you can say: It offers hands on experience and training opportunities. That would show that you are very much interested in that discipline and might persuade the management to grant you permission for college transfer.

 You have to present all the required documentations along with your application, e.g. a resume, previous transcripts, an essay about aspirations and objectives etc. Do not forget to mention the extracurricular activities you are involved in, especially those which have a positive impact on local community, e.g. social work, volunteering etc. You can also tell them about your interest in sports, especially such sports which you are really good at and is played at that prospective college regularly. That might also make them approve your application. Keep a record of all the relevant materials with yourself, which they might ask you to provide after application approval.

 Apply for scholarships, there is a chance funds are still available at the college which you might benefit from. Write a separate application for it, if necessary. You can also visit your prospective college and talk to the faculty or management on a regular basis before the decision is made. That will supplement your commitment to discipline and you might benefit from your relationship building, who knows those people are sitting in the application approval committee and you are selected on the basis of your good conduct.

 Writing a good essay application is crucial to getting your job done. By keeping the positive outlook of your essay, you may well get an approval for college transfer. The tip here is just to avoid any kind of negative things while writing the essay.