We live in a technologically super advanced era, where our generation is always connected to the internet via some handheld portable device. We look for clothes and shoes on online retailers, we shop for groceries via online merchants, and we even send greetings and condolences via social networking sites. We have even turned our schooling to internet via distance learning programs through online instructors and assignments.

With the increase in pressure from professors, the students find it almost impossible to meet strict requirements and deadlines. So, they turn to look for assistance and yes, you guessed it right, ONLINE!  It comes to no surprise that thousands of online writing agencies have developed overnight. When a student hires a ghost writer to do his/her work for him/her, he/she gets a much needed reprieve from the academic world. On the other hand, some unemployed writer gets their monthly bills cleared.

While there are several benefits associated with an assignment writing website, many critics claim that these services are the sole cause that are turning our young generation into unproductive and idle human beings.

Initially, it was all okay, as a student would pay for one assignment and in return they would buy some time to work on the other. But, lately a new trend has been seen that students are hiring agencies to solve all of their course assignments, research papers, essays and even full fledge dissertations and thesis. Students, only to spend time with their friends partying or to spend time socializing, hire writers to do their work for them. There is no denying the fact that the students need some time off, but they have become lazy and have forgotten the values of hard work and honesty.

Those in favor of such services would inarguably counter this criticism with the fact that such services give students a chance to get good grades and consequently be motivated for the next tasks. But, a question posed to these people is that what about those hardworking students who work day in and day out only to get crushed when the results are announced? Such students then turn to professional writing services to keep up with the competition and the cycle continues. The existence of such services has led students to believe that only professionals can get them good grades, not hard work! When students start to believe such things, wonder what will happen to our society when a bunch of lazy students become our leaders, doctors and teachers.