who graduate with a degree in Business Studies have different options at their disposal for their employment prospects. Those options may range from a career in advertisement, management, business administration, and even marketing related jobs. They also have an option to either go for a two-year associate course or a four-year full course. Depending on the choice you make, there can be a few advantages as well as disadvantages. One should weigh both the aspects before applying for any of the programs for a business degree. Make sure to be focused on your goals and also be aware of your current situation in order to make a smart move. Following are a few of the things that need to be considered before applying for a business degree:

      The first and foremost preference has to be the income that any degree would yield you. Whenever you have to decide a future for your career, you keep all your options open, with a high income being your utmost priority. As per a research, an associate degree holder has an annual income of 30,000$ to 50,000$, while a high school graduate only earns around 30,000$ on an annual basis. If someone applies for a two year program, chances are that they are more able to step up the career ladder than a regular high school graduate.

      As for the boarding and tuition fees, it is apparent that a two year degree would be also the reason for lesser expenditure than a full four year college degree. Around 8000$ are spent on boarding annually, while almost 16000$ are spent if a student opts for a four year course.

      You can also save a lot of time by going for a two year course instead of a four year one. The chances are thick that you will be able to excel much faster as compared to those who acquire a four year business degree. The completion of a research paper will also be made within that time period conveniently. However, if you wait and complete a four year degree, you have a far better chance of getting better career proposals as well as income prospects.

      As for your concepts being more polished and clear, a four year degree would surely enhance your skills, rather than a shorter two years of studies in the field of business. A four year also requires students to do internships during that period, which is a plus point.